Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as nose correction, is performed with general or local anesthesia depending on the patient and the type of procedure. Aesthetic nose corrections can be done to change the length, width or shape of the nose as well as to eliminate birth defects or other problems. Rhinoplasty affects the quality of breathing and is therefore considered both aesthetic and functional surgery. It has an impact on the working life, health and appearance of the person and is most often performed on both men and women.

The importance of rhinoplasty

Communication between the surgeon and the patient is essential in this area. Nose tip, arched nose shapes can be revised in surgeries. For your advanced questions, Dr. You can get more information by making an appointment by contacting Bahadır Çelik. Prior to such surgical interventions, effective communication with the patient, face or even body shape planning should be kept in mind carefully. It is very important to eliminate any questions or hesitations in the patient's mind.
The doctor-patient communication is very important. The most common corrective actions relate to the hump and the tip of the nose. For more information please make an appointment with the doctor. The surgeon clinically evaluates the prospective patient taking into consideration other facial and body features. It is very important to clarify all doubts and to get the answers. Rhinoplasty can be a lifesaver when dealing with aesthetic or post-injury problems. By following all the rules before and after rhinoplasty, you can do your part to ensure the success of the surgery. Quit smoking before the surgery and make sure to do the right follow-up care. Being treated by a good surgeon also guaranties for safety.

After applying Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery should not be considered a mild operation. Swelling of the face and black-and-blue discoloration around the nose and eyes may occur for a week after the surgery. Bleeding is also considered one of the possible side effects. You should always keep a close eye on your condition, getting detailed information from your doctor. Severe bleeding, discolorations, soreness may be symptoms for which you should see a doctor. Strenuous activity as well as any pressure in the nose area including wearing glasses should be avoided after the operation. Plastic surgeon Dr. Bahadır Çelik is a successful doctor, well-known in this field of surgery.