Butt Shaping

Many women now care for their buttocs to be more full, lifted and to draw attention to the clothes they wear. Some women are trying to shape their buttocks with sport exercise, while others prefer plastic surgery. Butt shaping or Gluteopasty make the buttocks look more round, full and lifted.

What are the types of butt lift?

Basically, the butt shaping is performed within 3 different goals:
Butt lift
Butt reduction
Butt reshaping

Which methods are used for butt shaping?

3 different methods can be applied when you want to do butt aesthetics .

The corrective procedures for buttock shaping include following methods. Lipoinjection: fat harvested from the other areas of the body is injected into the buttocks. The most suitable areas for harvesting excessive fat tissue are the lower or outer side of the hips, waist and buttocks. Fats harvested by gentle liposuction are then injected in the upper part of the buttock to make it puffy.

Implants: silicone implants specially designed for the buttocks are used to create volume in the area. The implants are inserted through short incisions, the surgery leaves no visible scars. Butt lifting: Significant weight loss by an overweight person may cause the buttocks to sag. The buttock lift removes excess skin and improves the contours of the buttocks.

As with other operations you will need to avoid taking aspirin and quit smoking within 3 weeks before the buttstock lift. No blood thinning ingredients should be consumed at least within the last 7 days before the surgery. Buttock lift is done with general anesthesia. After the procedure you’ll need to wear a supportive garment for 3 or 6 weeks. The recovery is completed within 2-10 days. Sport exercises are allowed in about 45 days. It is recommended to take care when moving, sitting down or standing up. The swelling will decrease in about 6 months after the surgery and the full result will become visible.

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