Abdominal Stretching Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty (abdominal abdomenoplasty) is the most effective of abdominal aesthetic and belly surgery operations to say the right one. sagging of the abdominal skin is usually in women. However, sagging and loosening occur in men due to the deformation of the abdominal and navel skin and muscles as a result of excess weight gain. Each pregnancy deforms the abdomen. Belly aesthetics are also impaired. In the second, third births, twin pregnancies and pregnancies with high weight, the deformation increases. Abdomen skin becomes abundant and cracked. The connective tissue that forms the abdominal wall also loosens and the abdominal wall forms anterior bulge.

Abdominal stretching surgery is the only application that can solve all these problems at once, which is almost impossible to correct on your own after pregnancy. By doing sports, you can correct your abdominal sagging or stretch marks by applying skin treatments.