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Breast Augmentation

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What We Do

For clients who want to emphasize their beauty in every detail, we raise the bar quite high. taşıyoruz.

Cosmetic surgery is about feelings as well as bodies. It is our duty to make changes that make people feel good.

Bahadır Çelik M.D

He was born in 1983, Ankara. He has completed his primary and secondary education in Balıkesir. He has graduated from Kuleli Military High School with the third rank in the department. He has completed his medical education in 2008 at Gülhane Military Medical Academy with the second rank in his department. And then, he has completed his studies in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery professions in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine.

He has many articles acknowledged by journals published at home and abroad besides a series of notices admitted at international congresses. He has attended national and international congresses many times. He conducts any kind of aesthetic surgical processes and operations successfully..

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Sosyal Medya

İnsan vücutlarındaki şekil bozukluklarına ve düzensizliklerine uygulanan
cerrahi ve cerrahi olmayan işlemdir. Estetik uygulaması bunun yanında insanların
istediği vücut özelliklerine sahip olmasını sağlamaktadır.