Facelift is one of the procedures used to refresh your beauty, eliminate the effects of aging and restore a lively appearance. New technologies in plastic surgery allow to preserve youthful appearance for up to 50 years. Facelift surgery is inevitable for conditions such as loose hanging skin and wrinkles caused by aging age or irregularities in the neckline. Facelift may also be necessary to achieve perfect chin line and cheek curve.
Dr. Bahadır Çelik is one of the most prestigious doctors you will meet among the leading experts in this field. If you talk to the right doctor during your check-up, your needs will be taken into consideration first. Sagging facial skin, wrinkles on the bottom and top of the eyelids, irregularities caused by age or overweight can be removed. Facelift is a popular procedure but it should not be regarded a simple operation.

What is a facelift operation?

Facelift surgery is performed through an incision and requires general anesthesia. The operation takes between 4 and 5 hours, depending on the area and methods. Temples, cheeks, chin and mouth edges may be affected by the surgery. Facelift reduces deep lines caused by facial expressions. The incisions will be closed with special sutures and bandages to ensure perfect form of youthful and healthy-looking skin. If you are considering a facelift operation and want more information, please make an appointment for professional advice. You can get all necessary information by contacting Dr. Bahadir Celik.

Before the surgery

Preparing for facelift operation is similar to preparing for any aesthetic surgery. It is important to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. You should also pay attention to your health, nutrition and the medicaments you use. Discontinue use of aspirin, anti-inflammatory pain relievers, and any herbal supplements to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising. Anything that will prevent wounds from healing should be avoided, including dying hair. Currently, facelift surgery is an operation that is usually carried out in well-known full-fledged hospitals and aesthetic surgery clinics in major cities such as Antalya.

Neck Lift

Wrinkles and sagging caused by advancing age, resulting in unwanted images. It is natural that the patient wants to improve his appearance due to the accident, trauma or hereditary diseases. In aesthetic surgery, neck lifting is a frequent practice in this context. With this operation you can increase your facial beauty and improve your chin line. The excess of the skin of the neck, the accumulation of fat (so-called image) or aging-related effects may cease to be your destiny. Neck stretching techniques can be planned according to the needs of the patient by supporting with chin length prosthesis, internal bracing or liposuction.

Neck Tuck-Up Surgery

Necklift is a special operation, performed for at least 3-4 hours and requiring high competence. One of the important factors for this operation is the competence of the doctor. You can get a professional consultation from the plastic surgeon Dr. Bahadır Çelik to help you make the decision.

What should be taken into consideration before surgery

Patients should take a number of precautions during the preparation for necklift surgery, similar to before any other surgery. These include quitting smoking within 3 weeks before the surgery. Especially in case of necklift it is recommended not to have your hair dyed for two weeks before and three weeks after the surgery. The use of aspirin and other blood thinners should be stopped about ten days before the surgery. Necklift surgery can also be performed in aesthetic surgery hospitals in cities like Antalya.

What should be observed

The preparatory phase and surgical competence are crucial for the surgery. Neglecting of precaution measures such as quitting smoking during preparation may have a slowing effect on closing scars during the healing process. During the preparation and healing process, you should not dye your hair with chemical compounds. You can achieve long lasting results and reduce risks by choosing a good doctor. Dr. Bahadır Çelik is a successful practitioner and quite famous in this field.