Leg reshaping

Some women care a lot about the appearance of their legs. Nowadays many women who want to have long, slim and symmetrical sizes, turn to leg aesthetics. Such operations on the legs are performed by a surgeon.

What is leg reshaping?

While every woman takes concern in the appearance of her legs, some are bothered by non-symmetrical legs. Leg reshaping is used to improve the shape and the appearance of legs and can be performed for people with curved (X-shaped or O-shaped) and disproportional legs. The desired look can be achieved by reducing the amount of fat in thicker parts of the leg, or by injecting fat into thinner legs, using implants.

Why is a leg implant used?

There are many methods for legs reshaping. The method used is determined according to the needs of the patient. Liposuction is used to reduce the leg circumference and the implants are used to improve the aesthetics of thin or disproportionate legs. For the implants short cuts are made at the back of the knee. The implants are placed into the incisions to modify the shape of the legs. Calf implants are used to enhance the size of the calves. Implants can also be appiled to the curve of the leg. Implants can be placed in the asymmetrical part of the legs to make them look better. Leg implants are used by both women and men who want their legs to look muscular. Another method to improve legs aesthetics is the fat grafting.

How does rehabilitation work after getting leg implants?

During several weeks after the implant surgery the patient must avoid exercise and long standing and rather rest, keeping the legs up. Sport exercise is not recommended for 2 months. After the implant surgery the patient may experience swelling, bruising and pain. These complaints will disappear over time. Dr. Bahadır Çelik is an expert in leg implants in Antalya, with his help you can have legs that look proportionate and beautiful.